Consider it a meditation with the body that seeks the deep stillness from which the body's inherent healing arises.


A Craniosacral session begins with listening to the body. As contacts are made with the skull, sacrum or feet, the body & mind quiet as  the nervous system calms & shifts into a restorative state. That relaxed state presents one's being a quiet spaciousness to access that stillness–the body's rest note- to gather the impetus to revise & reimagine how to hold itself in balance.

As my hands cradle an area in the body they track the motions in the tissues, "highlighting" it so what was imperceptible, below consciousness, becomes noticeable.  Subtler motions & rhythms come to the forefront and often into stillness. The body is able then to make adjustments, to shift and soften toward greater ease and health. 

This attentive but open focus allows a deepening & awareness that is the heart of this work.  Awareness of what is happening in the physical body can exert a recognition of how one's own lifetime of experience resides in the body.  That awareness itself can be transformative.

created by

Daniela Richter

cranial bones & sacrum

as the tree of life