M y  W o r k

What I offer draws on years of continual training and experience in a wide variety of modalities, from thousands of hours of work on the table on a wide variety of people.

A cohesive, flexible amalgam of work has evolved that readily gravitates across the spectrum from Polarity Therapy, Somatic Experience and Biodynamic Craniosacral work to soft tissue release, structural alignment, reflexology, Ayurvedic-based meridian and point manipulation and assisted-stretch and release techniques.

There is no agenda to how I work; no two sessions

are alike.  I seek to fit the work to you, listening to

your experience of your body and finding what resonates for you.  Offering my knowledge, compassion, and intuition, I work with you in collaboration, as a partner in your exploration, a witness to your discoveries, a fellow traveler honored to take part.

What I know is that change feels good. The physical sensation of change, once experienced, informs you

of your capacity, your agency in your own transformation. The sense of "rightness" that scaffolds & solidifies one's feeling of a bodily shift comes as a relief, as when a picture is straightened on a wall.  Every painful, uncomfortable feeling is potential towards the right direction if given the opportunity.