Consider it a meditation with the body that seeks the deep stillness
from which the body's inherent healing arises.

In a Craniosacral session gentle contacts on the body support body & mind to quiet, creating more space, presence and breath, in turn the nervous system calms & shifts into a restorative state. That relaxed state presents

a quiet spaciousness to access stillness–the body's rest note- to gather the impetus to reimagine how to hold itself in balance.

As my hands cradle an area in the body, they listen to the rhythms and motions of the system, "highlighting" what was imperceptible, below consciousness, so it becomes noticeable. The same awareness yoga or meditation bring to the mind & body is enhanced and physically activated through this bodywork.

Woman giving craniosacral session outisde on the rocks

Subtler motions & rhythms come to the forefront, unwinding held tension. The body then is
able to make adjustments, to shift and soften toward greater ease and health, allowing a natural unwinding of deeply held tension.

An attentive but open focus allows a deepening & awareness that is the heart of this work.  Awareness of what is happening in the physical body can exert a recognition of how one's own lifetime of experience resides in the body.  That awareness itself can be transformative.

Craniosacral treatment offers support for the following conditions, among others, tho is not intended as a replacement for standard medical care:

  • Chronic stress

  • Concussions                                   

  • Migraine & tension headaches

  • Insomnia                                      

  • TMJ & jaw dysfunction      

  • Anxiety & depression                                                      

  • Panic attacks

  • Long Covid, Chronic Fatigue

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That was truly mind bending. I felt like I experienced something that I’ve heard people say- that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience here on earth. Somehow I could feel in my body that that was true, that it is true.                ~Anne M.