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Massage & Structural Alignment

The body is a creative, shape-shifting entity.
 Restoring the body to its natural balance, alignment, and ease is the intent of this work.

When one is out of balance, there are as many approaches to restoring it as ways to fall out of balance. Using all my experience & training, I respond to your particular needs & specific issues to provide the most suitable & supportive treatment.

Working with the body’s torsions, rotations, tensions & impingements means working with the body’s energetic signatures. The body's adaptations through contractions or tension in an area is bound energy.

body distorted reflection in water

Releasing this energy requires following the anatomical map, working with the entire structure. Through tracing and opening the pathway those restrictions can be released, restoring ease and alignment. As the fold in a piece of paper remains even after it’s smoothed out, the body returns to old movements it remembers, the known route. Easing the body to find a new sense of movement creates awareness of how one issue may affect or stem from another, seemingly unrelated one. A hip imbalance can be related to a foot or knee distortion and affect muscles in the front of the body as well as the back, for example. 

Throughout a session we work together, shifting focus and modality as needed to fully address your concerns. By listening carefully to the unique story you & your body tell me, my treatment is guided accordingly.

I believe the more informed we are about how are bodies work, the greater our ability to have agency in their care.  An essential aspect of what evolves on the table is how to support you on your path to wellness between appointments. Thus self-care is of the utmost importance and I offer clients stretches & exercises, movement sequences, meditations & visualizations - tools to enhance & strengthen your bodily autonomy.

Ali Harrison

Seldom have I had massages that bordered on the mystical. It was one of the most relaxing--and deeply spiritual--experiences of my life. It was a balance of stress & muscle relief and the transformative.

    ~James Y.

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