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Coming into balance is a process of discovery.

Listening to the body is the heart of this process, the compass we orient by.

Our bodies hold our stories, written in the flesh. The body's exquisite capacity to adapt and adjust to stress, strain & injury, even when we're not aware, can obscure what it continues to hold. 

There is a dimension to touch that leads deep into the inner experience of the body, into the somaIn our work together, I draw upon all of my experience & training to offer supportive & transformative bodywork.

Rob Woodcox

The deepest, truest healing requires a healthy balance of the whole being. 

Grounded in Biodynamic Craniosacral & Polarity, and enhanced by Somatic Experiencing, my work focuses on enabling the physical & emotional effects that took shape in the body– echoes of our experiences– to move through. In bringing awareness to what the body holds that no longer serves and releasing that residue, returns us to our wholeness in the present moment. 


My role isn’t to heal you but to create the conditions for your inner healing to unfold, to sow the seeds that support your ability to unloose & resolve imbalances, stuck patterns, anxiety or past traumas.

Offering my knowledge, compassion, and intuition, I seek to work in collaboration with you, as a partner in your exploration, a witness to your discoveries, a fellow traveler honored to take part.

It is my commitment to listen to your experience of your body and find what resonates for you. Every session is unique as I respond to what is literally in hand.

What I know is that change feels good, tho not always simple to achieve.


The physical sensation of change, once experienced, informs you of your capacity, your agency in your own transformation. The sense of "rightness" that scaffolds & solidifies one's feeling of a bodily shift comes as a relief, as when a picture is straightened on a wall.

 "Every painful, uncomfortable feeling is potential towards the right direction

if given the opportunity."​  ~ E. Gendlin


It's a process that at its' sweetest, engages your curiosity, expands your awareness & builds your resilience. Insight– those bright flashes of recognition & understanding- is the fruit of this inquiry as you realize your body possesses, you possess, the resources and wisdom to return to balance. 


This work is neither psychotherapy nor a substitute for medical treatment but is a complement for individuals in a healing process.

I have suffered physical trauma/injuries; there are emotional wounds, and over the years have sought out and worked with some of the best in the healing arts. Ilene's gentle approach targets the nervous system, and overall well being+.  Her heart is in the work, and she is generous with her time and sharing knowledge; counting her among the gifted healers.

    ~Lauren L.

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