Polarity is a holistic healing system that works with the vital energy of your system. It's the art & science of stimulating, balancing and amplifying the flow of that energy to restore balance and ease.  Experiencing the movement of this energy through your body can be remarkable as pathways open to a new awareness.

The same awareness yoga or meditation bring

to the mind & body is enhanced and physically activated through this bodywork.

By acknowledging and treating both the physical and the energetic body- that seemingly intangible yet very palpable system that surrounds & permeates the physical body- we discover how imbalance occurs on a fundamental level. Uncovering where the energy is blocked, where there are pain patterns preventing easy movement; noticing what moves and what doesn't move in your body leads the exploration to bring energetic and physical imbalances into equilibrium.

Polarity's active contacts make a powerful companion to Craniosacral's gentle touch.


polarity chart of correspondences

     with thanks to John Beaulieu

With their foundation's rooted in Osteopathy, both focus on the anatomic structure– how each part relates to the whole- while embracing subtler, energetic aspects that animate & flow throughout the body.

As with shiatsu or acupuncture I may stimulate points on various parts of your body (though just with my hands) or use more force and create a wave of movement. Stretching, rocking & pressure-sensitive touch are used to move the energy through the body.  As blocked energy releases you may experience it as a rush through your body- an opening in your hip that activates your toes or releases a flood of energy through the body.

Polarity's multi-dimensional elements deepen awareness alongside the bodywork, inviting you to continue the work beyond the session by refining your inner guidance system.

     Polarity Yoga -movement that enhances awareness of both physical & energetic effects

  Nutritional awareness - exploring what best feeds you through food journals, cleanses

& food combining information

Dialogue-  verbal guidance to assist in your process, to focus & clarify what you experience

Building resources - of vitality, resilience and equanimity- is as important in this work as working through and releasing the bonds that bind the body's systems.

The work can be energizing, as your body experiences a novel liberty or it may be  a more peaceful, harmonizing & relaxing experience. It’s very respectful work allowing a person to be held in a non-judgemental, spacious relationship.