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Ilene Antelman, RCST, RPP, LMT, SEP

When I had my first Polarity session, over 15 years ago, it altered my perception of bodywork.  I was struck how the practitioner's gentle touch could be so transformative. 


The impact that working through the body, rather than solely with the mind, accessed emotional depths & physical effects that landed with an undeniable certainty, epitomized the reality of "the body's intelligence" for me.  The  deep feeling of ease and "rightness"  that stayed with me confirmed its value and changed my life's trajectory.

Photo of Ilene Antelman, Somatic Detective

Polarity, Craniosacral and Massage are the center of my practice, while my earlier studies in Ayurveda enhance that work. There are many modalities that I incorporate, most recently Somatic Experiencing, as I'm endlessly curious to learn how we humans work. 

The sensitivity of touch and presence Polarity and Craniosacral bring are at the heart of my practice.  

I studied Polarity's structural and energetic bodywork- a holistic system that encompasses nutrition, health building & cleanses, movement therapy and counseling- over several years with Ellen Krueger at Soma-Psyche Institute.  Craniosacral dynamics & meditations with Reese Williams, body-centered counseling & Somatic Intuition with Ron DeAngelo completed my Polarity training as a Registered Polarity Practitioner. Introducing students at the Swedish Institute to these skills neatly brings this full circle.

I developed a greater fluency in the subtle skills of Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy through a two-year training with Roger Gilchrist at The Wellness Institute and became an RCST- Registered Craniosacral Therapist. The foundation training focused on orienting to the dynamics of the craniosacral system's fluid tide through traditional osteopathic skills, craniosacral anatomy, structure and physiology, embryological development, and the principles and practice of biodynamic awareness. I'm currently on the Board of Directors of BCTA- Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association- chairing the Publications Committee.

Initially I went to massage school to be licensed to practice hands-on therapy as an LMT-Licensed Massage Therapist- board certified & licensed by NY State– but discovered my inner science nerd as I gained an in-depth knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology, physiology & pathology that grounded my understanding of the body. That knowledge & extensive bodywork training in multiple modalities added a greater depth to my work. 


I've studied Thai massage with Michael Alicia & Reinhold, Reiki with Peter Goldbeck, Shamanic Soul Retrieval with Isaac Beery, Sound Healing with John Beaulieu, & Herbal Medicine with Robin Rose Bennett.

It was an Anthropology degree from Barnard College & post-graduate study at the International Center of Photography-ICP- that initially brought me to India in 1998.  While working there as a textile designer I delved into Ayurveda.  Knowing how Polarity integrates key principles of the Ayurvedic tradition and that Randolph Stone, the founder of Polarity, lived the last 20 years of his life in India, for me is a felicitous connection of all the dots.

Photography continues to be an important expression/impression of how I see the world, images which I share here, on my blog and sometimes in my office.

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