some of the remedies I recommend & people I rely on


A few of my favorite pain relief remedies,  with explanations....

Yoga Balls!  (this links to Tune Up balls which I stock in 2 sizes )

This is the simplest tool I believe all bodies should have. Placed in the triangle between shoulder blade & spine provides immense relief for anyone sitting over a computer or phone. Under the hips, in the glutes, along the legs or feet helps ease muscular issues. Mostly, just breath & allow muscles to relax, then gently roll circles, figure 8s, & then move ball to next area.

Castor Oil Packs   (NOTE: Don't use if pregnant!)

Castor oil's use extends well beyond that as a laxative.  It's fatty acid's anti-inflammatory properties help reduce inflammation & pain.   FYI, Black Castor Oil uses roasted castor beans, so use the regular.

Be aware the oil stains, so once you have a well saturated cloth & place it where you need, cover it with plastic or an old towel, then apply  hot water bottle or heating pad. On the limbs I suggest no more than 20 minutes,

on the belly it's said you can keep it there for up to an hour.


Arnica is well known as an herb that aids reducing swelling & inflammation. It's good for bruises, muscle aches & pains.I prefer either Weleda's or Wildwood Apothecary (see below).

Epsom Salt Baths

You know this, right? It's the magnesium!

Hot/Cold Contrast Showers or ice/heat packs

Alternating hot & cold in the shower (or use ice & heat packs)- as extreme as you can handle- no more than about 10 minutes total, ending with cold.  Hot increases blood flow, cold works as an analgesic. 

CBD Balm  

I get my balm & other remedies from a wild woman in the woods of Oregon-  Wildwood Apothecary.  The maker is a true herbalist who does it all- nurtures, gathers & creates everything with whole plants herself, so it's small batches a few times a year. I've also heard good things about Mary's Nutritionals Transdermal Elite Compound.


Yamuna Zake

Frequently, in many sessions, I suggest Yamuna's Body Rolling work, particularly her Foot Wakers!  
Her Instagram has extensive breathwork & demos. 
She is the queen of body rolling, using variously sized balls to gently relieve muscle tension & correct imbalances.


For personalized Yamuna instruction & more with a focus on feet!

 Melyssa Davis

Melyssa Davis Wellness

Craniosacral for Babies

 Lucie Mitchell

Nutrition/Holistic Health Coach

 Jessica Ruth Shephard

Herbalist & Teacher

 Robin Rose Bennett

Guided Meditations

 Settling Exercises offered by BCTA      

 Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Organization

  Feel the Calm

UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center  (in English & Spanish)

  also: UCLA Mindful app

Stephen & Ondrea Levine

Guided meditations on forgiveness, compassion, death & dying & buddhism
offered Conscious Living/Conscious Dying workshops, authors of "Who Dies?"

 Levine Talks

Reese Williams -Intonation toning 

 On Bandcamp

Sound Healing

John Beaulieu's Tuning Forks & Recordings
 (including many for Self Hypnosis)