What happens in Polarity & Craniosacral Sessions?


how fiercely you bloom

when you let your body 

- Vinati Bhola

Polarity and Craniosacral are gentle, hands-on bodywork that attend to both structural & energetic anatomy.  Where energy is blocked, where pain patterns prevent easy movement, Polarity's active contacts complement Craniosacral's lighter touch, to open those pathways to release pain and tension, settle the nervous system, reduce stress levels and address chronic injuries or long-term issues.

Working with your system's vital energy the focus is to help amplify that energy to restore balance and ease. In both Polarity & Craniosacral their Osteopathic foundation shows in the great attention paid to the physical, anatomic structure– how each part relates to the whole- as well as the energetic forces in play. 


Before we meet I’ll email you an Intake form that will  help frame our session. It asks about your health history, lifestyle, issues you're dealing with and how you're managing them. I suggest to use it as a tool to set your intentions for the work, to prompt your thinking about what you'd like to address in your session.  Filling it out before we meet will give me time to become familiar with what you’re interested in addressing. Whatever you share is held in strict confidence unless you give written authorization to release to another caregiver.

Session Work

Initial sessions take time to explore what's in play in your present health, current and past issues; to learn what is happening in your life- how you are sleeping, eating, what your energy level is, what stresses you may be experiencing. That information allows me to know how best to work with you that day, what treatment will best serve you.

Generally the Polarity & Craniosacral sessions I do have several components: first there’s a conversation to assess what we will focus on that day, then the bodywork itself-  done clothed on a treatment table- and time afterwards for anything you'd like to share or ask questions about. I may make recommendations to address your issues- breathing or movement exercises, meditations, dietary shifts, a book or articles to explore. 

A session is always a dialogue, one is acknowledged as an active participant though welcome to drop into a quiet state. In Craniosacral & Polarity the body is part of that dialogue, the hands "listening" and responding through gentle contacts.


The session itself can be very quiet as you shift into a deeply relaxed state or it can be a quite animated conversation as nuances in your body become noticeable. You may experience physical shifts in your body- contractions, releases, energetic pulses- or a stream of thoughts, emotions or images or all of these. The work itself is gentle, it's not massage. 

polarity energy field

Ilene's finely tuned intuition; her dedication to the craft; and her conscious, continual expansion as a practitioner make her one of the finest people to have bodywork with.  She opened my level of awareness to my body and somehow magically taught me how to carry myself with more ease. Her expert hands guided me to find increased inner and physical balance.  I  have always been a fan of a deep tissue massage, but I have since discovered when paired with craniosacral and polarity work my level of physical relief grew exponentially. This is no small feat for a 48-year-old woman with scoliosis, who has relied on massage to make her more comfortable on a day to day basis. I always feel more relaxed and at peace with my feelings and body, refreshed and in balance.

I also might add that Ilene’s inner calm, her laser focus, and her ease with people makes the entire process, from beginning to end, both enjoyable and effortless. I consider Ilene to be a phenomenal healer and highly recommend her.

                                   ~ Elizabeth I.

Depending on what we determined during your intake or what I sense your body needs, I may hold your head for a while, your feet or your sacrum. As with shiatsu or acupuncture I may stimulate points on various parts of your body (though just with my hands) or use more force and create a wave of movement.  What I hold as my intention is to focus on the health and intelligence of the body. Both on the table & off my intention is to support you in your quest for greater health & healing.

For the session

Wear loose, comfortable clothing for when you're on the table & for any movement exercises.  You'll be covered while on the table by a sheet but you won't want to have anything on that's tight or binding.

Try for a happy medium of not being hungry but not full; give yourself about an hour before you arrive to digest. 

The work can be energizing,  as your body experiences a novel liberty or it may be  a more peaceful, harmonizing & relaxing experience.  It’s very respectful work allowing a person to be held in a safe, non-judgemental, spacious relationship.