This work is a process of discovery.

It's a process that at its' sweetest, engages your curiosity, expands your awareness & builds your resilience

Insight– those bright flashes of recognition & understanding- is the fruit of this inquiry as you realize your body possesses the resources and wisdom to return to balance.


The body's exquisite capacity to adapt & adjust to stress, strain & injury can obscure what it continues to hold. 

 Listening to the body we learn our selves more deeply.


These amazing bodies, even when we're not

peering into the future

aware, absorb & respond to stressful or unhealthy stimulus. Once those events are past- be it a physical injury, a health crisis, a difficult job or relationship- the body can hold onto the imprints adapted from that experience, echoing the past.


Our bodies hold our stories, written in the flesh. 

In our work together we enable the physical & emotional effects that took shape in the body– echoes of our experiences– to move through and out of the body.  In bringing awareness to what the body holds that may no longer serve, by releasing that residue,  returns us to our wholeness in the present moment.

I believe a deepened awareness of what you carry in your body creates Agency.

That Agency invites greater choice and an enhanced ability for change– be it to breathe more deeply, move more freely, or feel more connected– as you realize your capacity to move towards health & well-being. Resilience is the product of that Agency- recognition of the vast resources you can harness to sustain and amplify your inherent physical and energetic vitality.