What is a "Somatic Detective"

“This breathing body

 is how we experience & inhabit the world,

 how we are visible & sensible to one another.”                                                                         ~David Abram

This work is a process of discovery. Our bodies hold our stories, written in the flesh.  

Sometimes to our detriment stress, strain or trauma- physical, mental or emotional-

remain held in the body.

Somatic.  Soma is the "body",  somatic is "the body experienced from within."  Considering that unique experience, I let the body & the breath guide me. Investigating what is visible and what lies beneath,

with attentive, empathetic, deliberate focus, is the basis of what I offer. As a Somatic Detective the body is the evidence I inquire in to help restore greater health, resiliency and vitality.

Bodywork's strength to direct conscious awareness

into the body– how it moves, how it holds patterns of old injuries or traumas- helps change the relationship to one's body.  When one attunes to the body's intelligence we connect to it's innate healing ability and engage the dynamic interconnection of body, mind and spirit. 

These amazing bodies, even when we're not aware, absorb & respond to stressful or unhealthy stimulus. Once those events are past- be it a physical injury, a health crisis, a difficult job or relationship- the body can hold onto the imprints adapted from that experience.  Untangling

polarity structural alignment

those imprints, integrating & awakening what pain, and protection from pain, has numbed, cut off, or shut down returns us to our wholeness in the present moment instead of held in the aftermath of the past. 

Listening to the body we learn ourselves more deeply. The body speaks its own language through movement of the limbs and internal structures- tissues, membranes, bones, fluids - as well as subtle energies; by harnessing one's awareness to bodily sensations we become conversant & fluent in that language.


A deepened awareness of what the body expresses invites greater choice and an enhanced ability for change-- be it to breathe more deeply, move more freely, or feel more connected- reminding you the agency you have in your own health.  Resilience is the product of that agency- recognition of the vast resources you can harness to sustain and augment your

inherent physical and energetic vitality.