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the impact made in our wake

We don’t always, rarely actually, realize the impact made in our wake.

Our impact lasts beyond us.

Something as small as a comment that still rings in someone’s ear decades later. An off handed kindness. A hand reaching out to stop someone unaware of oncoming traffic. A simple way to draw a house. How to get a stain out, flip an omelette or use chopsticks. A book now a favorite, a song that always reminds them of you. The love someone in your past still holds for you.

It’s hard to know what will take root in others.

And there is the lasting impact of what we do collectively, as a society. Yesterday’s arguments before the Supreme Court foretell the dismantling of a basic right over the autonomy of our bodies. The result of the impact of political choices.

Our impact on climate change, recognition of our impact there can also bring us to recognition of our larger impact. Not just the bags of trash we create, or the miles traveled with some form of fossil fuel. Dare I say climate change is also an internal process. It requires of us a diligence in our awareness of ourselves in the world, a mindfulness in all our interactions.

What has been your impact? What lives on from your past?

What will be your legacy?

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